April 2012

Stunning Red Glitter Manson replica!

I’ve just stumbled upon great looking Matthew Bellamy’s Red Glitter Manson replica. The lucky owner of this Kaoss Pad guitar is YouTube user, Papank the tambel. He demonstrates the use of our XY MIDIpad (connected to Kaoss Pad via MIDI jack) by playing couple Muse riffs and some other stuff. He also uses his Sustainer pickup which, as some of you know, is very useful in combination with XY MIDIpad. You can watch the video on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=7MIMQ4Mlu3I. You must agree that this Mattocaster looks pretty amazing!

Buy it now feature in AmpTone Lab Store

We’ve just updated our store with a new feature: Buy it now. Now you don’t have to register in order to buy something. You just have to go to our store and click Buy it now button. It’s quick, simple and very useful! Some of you may also have noticed that new shopping method is available – Facebook shop. The only requirement is having a Facebook account.