XY MIDIpad mini

  • XY MIDIpad mini

    $139 USD$144 USD

    XY MIDIpad mini is a miniature version of XY MIDIpad. Smaller size makes it possible to install it on any guitar! Despite reduced size, it offers the same functionality as its bigger brother. There is a touch screen with full 0-127 MIDI CC range, hold button to freeze the current message, rotary encoder to change programs, full color RGB LED and more. Just plug it into any MIDI device and use all of its capabilities!

    XY MIDIpad mini kit consists of: XY MIDIpad mini controller unit (with RGB LED), touch screen, frame, light diffuser plate, button, rotary encoder, MIDI connector, on-off toggle switch, battery clip, battery, screw set, user manual


    • Miniature touch screen MIDI controller for your guitar
    • Out-of-the-box Korg Kaoss Pad, DigiTech Whammy, MIDI synths and drum machines compatibility
    • Easy installation – no soldering required
    • Highly responsive touch screen
    • Attractive visual effects during the performance
    • Additional economy mode to save up battery life

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