XY MIDIpad or XY MIDIpad mini?

Both devices offer the same functionality. They are programmed to control Kaoss Pad, Whammy and synthesizer using the xy pad by sending MIDI CC messages (note on/off in synthesizer mode). There is also rotary encoder to switch the programs and hold button to freeze the last sent MIDI message.

Size is the only difference between XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini. Touch screen, hold button and frame sizes are different in both devices. Reducing size of these elements was necessary in order to allow more users to install it on their guitars.

touch screen

XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini touch screens
XY MIDIpad mini and XY MIDIpad touch screens

114 mm x 94 mm in XY MIDIpad and 85 mm x 65 mm in XY MIDIpad mini. This is quite a big difference. But smaller touch screen doesn’t mean in can do less. Both touch screens are using full MIDI 0-127 range. Both are also very responsive but the truth is that bigger pad in your guitar gives you slightly better control over the device.


XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini frames
XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini frames

128 mm x 108 mm in XY MIDIpad and 99 mm x 76 mm in XY MIDIpad mini. Smaller touch screen also means smaller frame.

hold button

XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini hold buttons
XY MIDIpad and XY MIDIpad mini hold buttons

XY MIDIpad features a great metal button with LED indicating whether hold function is active or not. Unfortunately, we had to replace it with different button in XY MIDIpad mini. The reason is very simple – the LED button is too long to fit in some guitars as it requires over 25 mm. Button in Mini requires less than 15 mm. It also has smaller diameter than the LED button.

Some of you asked whether it is possible to buy XY MIDIpad mini with LED button of XY MIDIpad. Unfortunately these two are not compatible with each other (they have different pins), so it won’t work straight away. But if you really want Mini with the LED button then write to us, we can prepare custom LED button for you, which will work with XY MIDIpad mini.

We’ve introduced XY MIDIpad mini because many people have been asking us if there is any chance of fitting XY MIDIpad into their guitars (these were mostly strat users). Therefore it seems more reasonable to go with standard XY MIDIpad. XY MIDIpad mini should be considered a “plan B” for guitarists who have less than required space in their instrument. But it definitely doesn’t mean this “plan B” is a worse option. They are both almost the same devices and both look great on every guitar.

Space required for XY MIDIpad: at least 128 mm x 108 mm behind the bridge and 37 mm guitar body thickness
Space required for XY MIDIpad mini: at least 99 mm x 76 mm behind the bridge and 23 mm guitar body thickness

XY MIDIpad in AmpTone Lab Store
XY MIDIpad mini in AmpTone Lab Store