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Cort MBC-1 with XY MIDIpad

Cort MBC-1 with XY MIDIpad

Check out this stunning Cort MBC-1 guitar with XY MIDIpad built-in! Pictures were sent to us by Oleg from Russia. This customization was performed by Moscow-based custom shop Copper Guitars. If you are located in Russia and are looking for a custom shop to have your XY MIDIpad, XY MIDIpad mini or MIDI Strip installed, Copper Guitars seems to be a right place to go 🙂 You can see more picture in our Facebook gallery – Cort MBC-1 with XY MIDIpad by Copper Guitars

Cort MBC-1 with XY MIDIpad
Get MIDI Splitter at The MIDI Store!

MIDI Splitters available at The MIDI Store!

Good news for all you folks who are located in the USA! The MIDI Store has just become our official distributor in the United States. You can get our MIDI Splitter directly from their site – MIDI Splitter at The MIDI Store. The MIDI Store offers free shipping within the US borders for most of their items (MIDI Splitter included). If you are nearby, you can also pick the items up yourself – The MIDI Store location is 40 W. Cortez Dr #3, Sedona, AZ 86351 USA (see it on the map).

MIDI Splitter is also available in our online shop (get MIDI Splitter), as well as from our other distributors. To see where you can buy our products, please head to Where to buy section.

XY MIDIpad guitar by Hysteria Guitars

Beautiful Hysteria Guitars with MIDI Strip and XY MIDIpad

I posted pictures of a beautiful MIDI Strip guitar on AmpTone Lab Facebook page a while back. This guitar was made by Farid from Hysteria Guitars. This, however, is not their only guitar featuring AmpTone Lab controller. You can find a showcase of Hysteria Guitars’ with MIDI Strip and XY MIDIpad below. These are one of the most inspiring guitars I’ve seen, so they are well worth a blog post!

Hysteria Guitars are based in South Texas, USA. If you would like them to build you something, you can contact them through their website – Contact Hysteria Guitars.

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MIDI Splitter coming soon!

MIDI Splitter is now available! Check it out – MIDI Splitter

We have just finished working on our new product (finally!). MIDI Splitter is a 1-in 4-out MIDI thru box. What makes it unique in comparison to other thru boxes is the fact that it can be powered by a 9V battery (which will last for a very long time) or by a typical 9V power supply (the same that you use for your stompboxes). MIDI Splitter will automatically use power from the power supply if it is connected to the device, using the battery only as a backup – just like most guitar effects.

You may find some MIDI thru boxes that are MIDI-powered (require no battery or power supply). It is a great feature but… it doesn’t always work. Not every MIDI device can power the thru box – if it turns out your MIDI controller is one of them, you would end up with a useless thru box. That’s why we decided to take the reliable and universal approach and simply power it with a battery and a power supply.

All parts and documentation have been ordered last week and if everything goes well, we should receive them and assemble the first batch of MIDI Splitters within couple of weeks. Hopefully before Christmas!

You may also notice our brand new logo…

MIDI Splitter