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AmpTone Lab - manufacturer of XY pad MIDI controllers for kaoss guitars
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XY MIDIpad - versatile MIDI controller for guitar

XY MIDIpad mini - MIDI pad controller for guitars with less space behind the bridge

MIDI Strip - a guitar MIDI controller based on a resistive strip

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AmpTone Lab is a company specialising in design, production and worldwide distribution of music equipment. Our goal is to create new, innovative technological solutions for musicians who want to enhance their individual style with more than standard options. AmpTone Lab gear is created by musicians, for musicians.


XY MIDIpad mini guitar demonstration


Federico from Liuteria Cesarini has recorded a fantastic video demonstration of his XY MIDIpad mini guitar. The guitar is equipped not only with XY MIDIpad mini, but also Fuzz Factory and Fernandes Sustainer, which is a perfect combination for playing crazy sounds! Click here to watch the video on YouTube or click Read more below to watch the video embedded on our website.

XY MIDIpad installation made easy


Ben Crowe from Crimson Guitars has made another amazing tutorial. This time in a form of article for Premier Guitar magazine. To read this fantastic article, click here: XY MIDIpad installation.

MIDI Custom Shop - custom MIDI and audio hardware


Ever wanted to have your unique MIDI controller? Or maybe a custom guitar effect? We can do it for you at MIDI Custom Shop! Click here or click Read more below to visit MIDI Custom Shop website for more details. Visit MIDI Custom Shop Facebook page to stay up to date!

Ra Black from Monarchy using XY MIDIpad mini!


Ra Black from English band Monarchy is using our XY MIDIpad mini. He installed it in his transparent telecaster guitar. Click here to see the recent Monarchy performance with Ra with his guitar. Check out the band's latest single Disintegration with the gorgeous Dita Von Teese - buy it from iTunes or watch the video on YouTube. Click Read more below to see some picutres of Ra's outstanding guitar!

New pictures in our gallery


We have added two new pictures of Kaoss Pad guitars to our gallery. You can see them by clicking Read more below or by visiting our Photo Gallery. The red glitter guitar was sent to us by Giuseppe from Brazil. The black guitar was made by Bassart Guitars from Germany (click here to visit their website).

AmpTone Lab Store updated


We have slightly improved shopping experience on our website. We have completely removed the registration option. Now you can (finally!) purchase as many items as you want, with no need to register. If you notice any problems with our store or website, please let us know by writing to us at info@amptonelab.com.

Merry Christmas!


We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for a great 2012, we hope it has been a very good year for you too. There is a little gift for you from Crimson Guitars - a guide on how to use your kaoss guitars. Click here or read more below to watch it. You can get our MIDI controllers in our store or at Crimson Guitars shop for instant delivery in the UK!

AmpTone Lab devices available in Crimson Guitars shop


We are pleased to inform that Crimson Guitars are now selling our products - XY MIDIpad, XY MIDIpad mini and MIDI Strip. Buying at Crimson Guitars shop is great option for people based in the United Kingdom. Click Read more below to visit Crimson Guitars online shop.

XY MIDIpad mini photo gallery updated


We have added two new guitar pictures to our XY MIDIpad mini photo gallery. To see the pictures, click read more below and click XY MIDIpad mini to expand the gallery.

Connecting guitar to KORG Kaoss Pad


Latest video on Crimson Guitars YouTube channel shows how to connect your guitar to KORG Kaoss Pad. Click here or Read more below to watch the video on YouTube.


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